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Map Pricing

AIMS Pricing Schedule for hardcopy and PDF maps

The prices listed below are for large-scale maps that include Property Lines, Aerial Photography, and/or Planimetric features.
We also offer several published Wall Maps and two Mapbooks for purchase (pricing available via links).

Map SizePriceWith AerialOn Photo Paper
Small*$10.00$15.00add $5.00 to total
Large**$20.00$25.00add $10.00 to total
Oversized***$50.00$75.00add $20.00 to total

* Small sizes include 8x11, 11x17
** Large sizes include 22x34, 36x36, 36x48
*** Oversized include 38x38 and larger

PDF requests are 50% of hardcopy price

Copies are 20% of the original cost
-Copies must be requested at the time of original purchase

Custom maps are the base map price for the size requested plus $20.00 for the first hour, and $40.00 for each additional hour