1.   ArcGIS Desktop 10.3________________________

q   10.3 will ….

·     Be released Fall 2014

·     Include ArcGIS Pro

·     Be the last release to support SQL Server 2008

·     Support SQL Server 2014 (released 4/1/2014)

q   10.2 is the last release to

·     Include VBA compatibility

·     Include ArcSDE command line tools

·     Include ArcSDE application server (3 tier connections)

q   ArcGIS for Desktop Product Life Cycle Support Status

2.   ArcGIS for Professionals_____________________

q   Video (4:35)

q   Home Page

q   Fuses aspects of ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcScene, and ArcGlobe

q   64 bit, multi-threaded, faster 2D and 3D graphics engine

q   Ribbon interface

q   Multiple views

q   Integrated 2D and 3D editing

q   Temporal and 3D visualization capabilities

q   Project-based

q   Tight integration with ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server (Pro is authoring platform)

q   Will be released Fall 2014 with 10.3 release (expect beta 5 in August and pre-release in September)

q   For the foreseeable future you will need to run Map and Pro side-by-side because Pro lacks considerable functionality. 

q   My inference: Despite what ESRI staff say, ArcGIS Pro will eventually replace ArcMap (ArcCatalog, ArcScene, and ArcGlobe).  ESRI expects that its customers will “dial in” their conversion to Pro, not “turn on a switch”.

q   Question: Is there any reason for us to be (or not to be) an early adopter of ArcGIS Pro? 

q   “The ArcGIS Vision” … Web GIS … a new way of thinking for an old dog like me

3.   SQL Server 2014_____________________________

q   No major spatial enhancements

q   More of a service pack that a new release

q   Not supported by ArcGIS until 10.3

q   “For data to be open it must be discoverable, explorable, accessible, and collaborative” … Jared Shoultz, Health Technology Specialist at Esri

4.   Temporal Data______________________________

q   Impressive capabilities in ArcMap and Pro for visualizing temporal data … especially, the integration of table/graph/map.

q   In ArcGIS Pro, temporal data was part of the design from very beginning (e.g., ArcGIS Pro bookmarks honor space and time).

q   Rather than snapshot archiving, we need to build “in/out” (“effective/retired”) date/time fields into our editing FCs so that we can use the temporal analysis/visualization capabilities in ArcMap and Pro.

5.   Mining for Space-Time Patterns_______________

q   Video (6:14)

q    “Emerging hot spot analysis”

6.   Gamification________________________________

q   Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to ... engage, teach, entertain, measure, and to improve the perceived ease of use of information systems.

q   Techniques that “leverage people's natural desires for competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, and closure.”

q   Points, badges, levels, leaderboards, challenges

q   Used in design/development of a Heritage Tourism phone app in Missouri … see video (4:56)

q   Question: Is gamification relevant to how we design applications?

7.   Story Maps_________________________________

q   “Story maps combine interactive maps with text, photos, video, and audio to tell the story of a place, event, issue, trend, or pattern in a geographic context.  They are are designed for general, non-technical audiences.”http://storymaps.arcgis.com/en/

q   “Don’t just make your data open, make it understandable (i.e., interpret it)” … Allen Carroll, ArcGIS Online Content Program Manager.  Read interview with Allen Carrol …

q   Examples

·     Twister Dashboard

·     Capital Improvement Projects, San Bernadino County

·     Tourism Malaysia

·     The Rapid Rise of Farmer’s Markets

·     Big Holes

q   In many ways the Tiger Tracker app Dan wrote for MARC is a “story map”.

q   Story Map Templates/Apps

·     Gallery (Examples)

·     Sequential, Place-based Narratives

§  Map Tour

§  Map Journal

·     Points of Interest

§  Shortlist

§  Countdown

§  Playlist

·     Map Comparisons

§  Tabbed Viewer (Text and Legend)

§  Side Accordion

§  Swipe

§  Spyglass

·     Custom

q   Building a Story Map …

·     Some Templates/Apps have simple step-by-step instructions, others can be downloaded/configured.  “No developer skills are required, but JavaScript developers can easily customize any of the apps.”

q   Question: Do I understand correctly that Story Maps will eventually be available via Portal (of ArcGIS Server)? 

q   Ideas for Story Maps we could build:

·     Alternative presentations of our animated City Growth and/or animated Plat Growth?

·     Alternative to the Programs and Services section on the Home tab of MyRC?

·     Locations/Descriptions of Multi-Service Centers, Libraries, Hospitals, …

·     CIPs

·     Current Development and Construction

·     KC BBQ

8.   MapIT Minneapolis: Casting a Wider Net in the City of Lakes

q   Video (first 4:30 only)

q   “We needed a new approach …”

·     To broaden our group of capable users

·     To convince middle managers that GIS would improve their business

·     To show our value to executive leadership

q   “To do this we decided to change our perspective on our roles as GIS professionals …”

·     To trust our users more

·     To let go of some of the control that we previously held

q   “Three key missions …”

·     Provide enabling infrastructure

·     Share our education and our expertise

·     Promote our capabilities and our agility to these groups:

§  Innovators – Teach them to fish

§  Traditionalists – Show them the value of our fish

§  Leaders – Feed them fish

9.   The role of a GIS professional?________________

q   According to Jared Shoultz, Health Technology Specialist at Esri, it is …

·     To geo-enable the organization

·     To push GIS capabilities to the enterprise

·     To encourage/enable others in the organization to think spatially (“consider geography”)

q   Question: Who in my organization are capable of thinking geographically and actually doing spatial analysis and map-making on their own (i.e., an innovator that I could teach to fish)?

10.         Demographics __________________________

q   Demographic, lifestyle segmentation, consumer spending, and business content data …

q   Ways to access ESRI demographics …

·     Reports (this is what we are used to)

·     Dynamic Web Maps

·     Charts (Infographics)

·     Data Enrichment

q   Question: Living Atlas

q   Question: ESRI Insights

11.         ESRI-Speak 2014________________________

q   Authoritative Data

q   On-Premise

q   Information Product

q   Deep Dive

q   Leverage

q   Geo-enabling

q   Portals

q   Geo-design

q   Platform

q   Architect

q   Solution

q   Resilience

12.         Petco___________________________________

q   View from the press box

q   View from behind home plate

q   The Heads Groundskeeper