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Plat Updates

Recently recorded plats added during the week of 09/18/2017 Download Plats

Plat IDPlat NameNum UnitsDate RecordedSectionQtr SectionBookPageCityMapImage
DP509000 ODYSSEY LONE ELM (ANNEXED FROM 6P4200 ORD 15-28)112/04/2015P14NW2015121772Olathe
DP040300 BEREAN BIBLE CHURCH (ANNEXED FROM 6P0910)110/26/2004R17NE2004109097Olathe
DP448800 M.G.A. ESTATES (LT 1 & PT LT 2 & 3 ANNEXED FROM 6P3955)501/01/1996P14NW9427Olathe