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Data Partners

Data Partner List

GovernmentMiscSchool DistrictUtility
De SotoAffinisBlue Valley School DistrictEverfast Fiber Network LLC
EdgertonAllenbrand-DrewsDe Soto School DistrictEvergy - Kansas Metro
FairwayBHC RhodesGardner-Edgerton School DistrictKansas Gas
GardnerContinental Consulting EngineersOlathe School DistrictSouthern Star Central Gas Pipeline
Lake QuiviraCook, Flatt and Strobel EngineersShawnee Mission School DistrictWater District No. 7
LeawoodDavidson Architecture and EngineeringSpring Hill School District 
LenexaDelich, Roth and Goodwillie, P.A.  
MerriamFreese and Nichols Inc  
MissionGeorge Butler & Associates  
Mission HillsH.W. Lochner, Inc.   
Overland ParkKAW Valley Engineering  
Prairie VillageKimley-Horn and Associates  
Roeland ParkLamp Rynearson  
ShawneeLevel-4 Engineering, LLC  
Spring HillLovelace & Associates  
WestwoodMcAfee, Henderson Solutions, Inc.  
 McClure Engineering Company  
 MKEC Engineering Consultants  
 Oppermann LandDesign LLC  
 Payne & Brockway, P.A.  
 PB Americas Inc  
 Phelps Engineering  
 Professional Engineering Consultants  
 RLC, LLC (RIC-Renaissance Infrastructure Consulting)  
 Roark Surveying  
 Schlagel & Associates  
 SK Design Group  
 SMH Consultants  
 Uhl Engineering  
 Wilson & Company