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Your myAIMS Services
Johnson County Online Mapping - User Guide - Public Access
This internet mapping application allows users to browse county data interactively. Users can view county features like schools and parks, aerial photos and also view property information once zoomed into the appropriate scale. Identifying a property returns owner, address, tax, appraisal, and other various information to the user at the bottom of the page. The input box along the top of the screen will allow users to search for a specific owner, parcel number, address, zip code, etc.
Johnson County Land Records (JCLR) - Not Licensed
This application is a portal for searching county land record information. Users can search by owner, name, address, and property id. The application returns a multitude of information including ownership, location, legal, mapping, photos and other property specific data.
Location Maps & Information - Public Access
Location Maps & Information is a simple and quick portal into locating maps and information about parcels, addresses, and locations in Johnson County. The application is not map-centric like other AIMS applications but offers access to simple map interfaces built around the attributes of a location.
Digital Data Request (DDR) - User Guide - Public Access
This application allows users to request property, planimetric (elevation, buildings, etc...), orthophotography, and aerial photography datasets. The user defines the extent for which they are requesting data and the datasets. Users are prompted to purchase data using a credit card once the order has been compiled. (DDR users from Government and Utility organizations should read DDR for Government/Utility Data Partners prior to using the application.)
Plat Search Utility - User Guide - Public Access
The Database Search allows users to search for plats by name, city, date recorded, book and page number, and AIMS map number. Plat images are zipped and emailed to the user. Also available to subscribers, the Map Search provides an interactive, map-centric tool to search and view the scanned plat images, referenced behind the current property and plat boundaries. If you are interested in subscribing to these plats applications, please view the Plat Subscription Agreement (PDF).
Crime Mapping - Public Access
This group of applications represents the publicly available crime mapping applications developed by AIMS. See the following links for more information on the individual internet mapping sites.
Registered Offenders - Public Access
This application represents the publicly available registered offender application developed by AIMS. This page is an example of another site (Johnson Co Sheriff) embedding the content hosted by AIMS into their website.
Damage Assessment applications - Public Access
Damage assessment form, map collection app, and dashboard summarizing data collected. Designed to support emergency response in Johnson County, KS but could be used to support other areas. Contact AIMS for assistance in using.
Oblique Photos Web App (Pictometry) - Public Access
Oblique photo access via a web browser interface. Oblique photos are taken at a low height and at approximately a 45 degree angle. Photos are taken from multiple directions which allow all 4 sides of a building to be seen. Pictometry provides the ability to make measurements, including heights, on the obliques. Currently the images are available online or through a desktop software program provided by Pictometry. NOTE: The former Pictometry Online product was replaced with a new interface on 10/01/2016. Contact AIMS for more information or about details on getting access to Pictometry CONNECTExplorer.
Streetsmart Cyclomedia street level imagery - Public Access
Steetlevel 360 imagery (geocyloramas) used to extract out the Appraisal front elevation images. Images are captured approximately every 16 feet along all public roads. Access is available to all governmental data partners via a separate login.
Create Map PDF - Not Licensed
This utility allows you to produce maps in PDF format in a variety of sizes. Large sized maps are designed to be printed on large format plotters. This utility may also be accessed from within JCLR and Johnson County Online Mapping under "Advanced Features". Learn more about recent enhancements to this utility.
CUEView - Not Licensed
The CUEView application is a secure internet application that provides access to information including land records, photography, plats, easements and a collection of utility infrastructure data provided by participating utilities within Johnson County. CUEView allows viewing, querying, and map generation. CUEView is intended to aid utility planners and designers with locating existing infrastructure during various stages of utility projects.
My Resource Connection - Public Access
The purpose of My Resource Connection is to connect individuals needing assistance with resources that can help meet their needs. The assistance that individuals may need are many and varied: Groceries, clothing, housing, health care, counseling, transportation, employment, emotional support, … Thankfully, there are many organizations in the greater Kansas City area that are able to address these needs. The role of My Resource Connection is assist individuals find and locate relevant resources at these organizations.
Historic Right-Of-Way Document Search - Public Access
Search dedications, vacations, alterations, etc. of roads in Johnson County from approximately 1850 to 1949.
Schools Locator Apps - Public Access
This group of applications represents the publicly available public school locator applications developed by AIMS and hosted. See the following links for more information on the individual locator sites.
Bike & Walk Trails - Public Access
This site was created to easily route and map Biking and Walking trails within Johnson County, Kansas. As a service to the citizens of Johnson County, this site was developed by the Johnson County AIMS team in conjunction with the Johnson County Bike/Ped Trail Committee.
KC Metro Right of Way Utility Coordination Map - Public Access
A map to assist with coordination of right of way utilities in the Kansas City Metro region. Provides contact information, municipal websites, and some ROW permitting information.