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Projection Information

Projection Parameters

All of AIMS data is projected using the following parameters:

  • Projection: State Plane Kansas North (WKID 3419)
  • Horizontal Datum: North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83)
  • Vertical Datum: North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD88)
  • Units: US Feet
  • Spheroid: GRS1980333.333333333
  • False Northing: 0
  • 1st Standard Parallel: 38.71666666666667
  • 2nd Standard Parallel: 39.78333333333333
  • Latitude of Projection Origin: 38.33333333333334
  • Central Meridian: -98.0

It should be noted that the State Plane Coordinate System is not a projection. It is a coordinate system that divides all fifty states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands into over 1220 numbered zones. Construction of a coordinate system for each zone is based on one of three projections: the Lambert Conformal Conic, the Transverse Mercator or the Oblique Mercator. Each zone has an assigned USGS code number, each having a designated central origin that is specified in degrees. Generally used on 7.5 and 15-minute topographic quadrangles. The State Plane coordinate system for Kansas is divided into two zones, North and South, and is based on the Lambert Conformal Conic projection.