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Meet the Staff

Aaron Baumgarden - GIS Business/Project Developer

Aaron is a graduate of the University of Missouri – Kansas City with a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning and Design with an emphasis in GIS. Before joining AIMS in 2011, he worked as a GIS Specialist with the Mid-America Regional Council in Kansas City, MO. Aaron oversees geographic information technology projects of various size, scope, and complexity. He also analyzes business processes, conducts focus groups, prepares and maintains business requirements, and works with users and technical staff to assure solutions meet business requirements.

Trent Carmichael - GIS Intern

Trent recently relocated back to Kansas from Massachusetts with his family in 2018. He previously worked as a team leader for a company that specializes in data collection for large banks and insurance companies. Before living in Massachusetts, he was located in Eugene, Oregon for 15 years, where he earned degrees from the University of Oregon and Oregon State University. While in Oregon, Trent was a GIS Analyst with the City of Eugene Public Works Department before starting his own GIS consulting business that focused on the needs of rural towns in Oregon.

Blaike Davidson - GIS Analyst

Blaike joined AIMS in 2016 after working as a GIS analyst for Bartlett & West. He began his career in the military as a Geospatial Engineer for the United States Army. He attended the National Geospatial-Intelligence College in Washington, D.C. where he was trained as a GIS analyst for the armed forces. Blaike assists staff in implementing GIS and IT at both Johnson County Wastewater and Public Works. His current focus is on asset management for Johnson County Public Works and JCW using the Lucity Management Software.

Ryan Geiter - Senior GIS Analyst

Ryan is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Geography. He began his career at the county as an intern with AIMS. He has spent time assisting staff in implementing GIS and IT at both Johnson County Wastewater and Public Works. At Public Works his focus was on asset management for Johnson County Public Works and JCW using the Lucity Management Software. Although continuing to support the server side of Lucity, his current duties have expanded more into the utility market and Lidar.

Ron House - Web Applications Developer

Ron joined AIMS in 2015 as a Web Applications Developer and he is responsible for managing and improving existing websites and creating new interactive applications. Ron has a diverse background in GIS spanning multiple disciplines. Prior to joining AIMS, he worked at Sprint, FedEx and the City of Memphis. Ron is a graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering. He has also completed graduate work in the Masters of Business Intelligence program at Penn State University and is a certified GIS Professional (GISP).

Jason Hrabe - GIS Analyst/Developer

Jason joined AIMS in 2006 after working as a Mapping Technician for MJ Harden Associates. He holds a Bachelors degree in Geography from the University of Kansas with an emphasis in Atmospheric Science. Jason's current responsibilities include data maintenance and management, cartography and custom map creation, and the development of ArcGIS Server services. He is responsible for maintaining essential county data such as street centerline and various utilities, as well as managing the bi-annual update of AIMS planimetric data.

Shannon Porter - AIMS Manager

Before becoming the AIMS Manager, Shannon was a Senior GIS Analyst with AIMS for over 15 years whose primary responsibilities included data creation, management and distribution along with project management. He is the primary contact for those serving the utility market and participates in collaborative meeting groups within the industry. Shannon has been heavily involved in the geoprocessing of AIMS' aerial imagery and LiDAR data as well as the analysis of census data, the creation of population models and evaluation of redistricting efforts within Johnson County. Shannon graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and in Fisheries/Wildlife, earned a Master's Degree in geography from MU and is a certified GIS Professional (GISP). Before joining AIMS, Shannon was the GIS Technical Manager in Boone County, Missouri, and a GIS Analyst for Johnson County Public Works.

Keith Shaw - GIS Lead Developer

Keith's main responsibilities as a Lead Developer with AIMS lie with the County's Computer Aided Dispatch system and Emergency Management support. He is also heavily involved in ArcServer services administration and with the management of addressing in the County. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Geography from The University of Northern Iowa, and Master of Arts in Geography from The University of Kansas. Before coming to AIMS in 2003, Keith worked as Senior Software Developer with Spatial Data Research Inc., a small 911 systems developer.

Meg Shoffner - GIS Analyst

Meg is a graduate of the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography with a concentration in American Studies. Early in her career, she spent multiple years as a fieldworker for the digital navigation company, Tele Atlas, building their road network database for North America. She was responsible for many portions of the upper Midwest and Ontario, Canada. Eventually, she transitioned to a GIS Analyst & Project Manager job with Spatial Data Research, a small E-911 mapping and addressing firm located in Lawrence, KS. Her largest project was a multi-year readdressing project with Larimer County, CO. In 2004, her family relocated to Portland, OR and she continued her Analyst title while working for a large timber investment company called The Campbell Group. Now back in Kansas to raise a family, she has joined the AIMS team to help build & maintain data and bring cartographic enhancements to the organization.

Travis Smith - GIS Analyst

Travis has held many roles with Johnson County. Starting as in intern with Public Works, GIS Analyst with the County Clerk/RTA and most recently as an Analyst with the Transit department. Travis holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Geography, specializing in GIS, from the University of Kansas. Travis has a variety of interests related to supporting local government, technology integration, work efficiency and supporting the Kansas City community.

Dan Steen - GIS Technical Lead

As GIS Technical Lead, Dan’s current responsibilities include providing technical direction in developing and sustaining a GIS program in Johnson County. Dan's primary duties revolve around GIS and Internet application development and providing solutions for utilizing GIS services and technologies within Johnson County organizations. He has led the design and implementation of many enterprise applications including the Johnson County Online Mapping, Johnson County Land Records, Caseworker Resource Center, and Johnson County Location Services. Prior to AIMS, Dan worked as a GIS Scientist subcontracted to the US Department of Energy at the Nevada Test Site north of Las Vegas. He is a graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, has completed graduate work in the Master of Public Administration program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is a certified GIS Professional (GISP).

Travis Wagner - GIS Analyst/Developer

Travis graduated from Fort Hays State University in Hays KS with a Bachelors of Science degree in Geography, specializing in GIS. Before coming to AIMS in 2005, Travis worked as a Mapping Technician for MJ Harden Associates. His primary focus at AIMS is data maintenance and providing excellent support to AIMS customers. Along with his GIS background, Travis is the resident expert in AutoCAD and FME, making him the go-to person for those in the engineering community. He also provides GIS support to the school districts, small communities and utility providers in Johnson County.

Jin Yao - Human Services Data Analyst

Jin joined AIMS in 2017. She is involved in supporting My Resource Connection and in various data analytics initiatives. Before joining AIMS, Jin was a Computational Biologist (Bioinformatics) at US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service; an Ecoinformatics Specialist at New Mexico State University; and an Assistant Professor of Biology at Adams State University, CO. She holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Ecology from Nanjing University, China, and a doctoral degree (PhD) in Ecology from University of Kansas.

Steve Yoder - GIS Project Developer

Steve's focus as a Project Developer at AIMS is integration of geographic technology into business processes and decision making. Most recently, Steve has been integral in the development and integration of My Resource Connection into various Health and Human Service organizations within Johnson County. Steve also has experience with land records, geodemographic data, and back-office AIMS data publishing processes. Steve is a graduate of Goshen College with a B.A. in Natural Science, and the University of Kansas with an M.A. in Geography. His experience prior to joining AIMS in 1998 includes positions with the Johnson County Records and Tax Administration, the Kansas Geological Survey, the University of Kansas Geography Department, Mennonite Mutual Aid and West China University of Medical Sciences.