LBCS Activity Code Lookup

1000Residential activities
1100Household activities
1200Transient living
1300Institutional living
1400Residential Support
2000Shopping, business, trade activities
2110Goods-oriented shopping
2120Service-oriented shopping
2200Restaurant-type activity
2210Restaurant-type activity with drive-through
2220Bar, club, restaurant activity with entertainment or dancing
2300Office activities
2310Office activities with high turnover of people
2320Office activities with high turnover of automobiles
3000Industrial, manufacturing, waste related activities
3100Plant, factory, heavy goods storage, handling activities
3110Primarily plant or factory-type activities
3120Primarily goods storage or handling activities
3200Solid waste management activities
3210Solid waste collection and storage
3220Landfill or dumping
3230Waste processing, salvage or recycling
3300Construction activities (grading, digging, etc.)
4000Social, institutional, infrastructure-related activities
4100School or library activities
4110Classroom-type activities
4120Training or instructional activities outside the classroom
4130Other instructional or library activities
4200Emergency response or public safety related activities
4210Fire and rescue related activities
4220Police, security, protection-related activities
4230Emergency or disaster related activities
4300Utility service (water, sewer, power, etc.) activities
4310Water supply related activities
4311Water storing, pumping, or piping
4312Water purification and filtration activities
4313Irrigation water storage and distribution activities
4314Flood control dams and other large irrigation activities
4320Sewer-related control, monitoring, distribution, activities
4321Sewage storing, pumping, or piping
4322Sewer treatment and processing
4330Power generation, control, distribution activities
4331Power transmission lines or control activities
4332Power generation, storage, processing activities
4340Telecommunications-related control, monitoring, distribution
4350Natural gas, fuels-related control, monitoring, distribution
4400Mass storage, inactive
4410Water storage
4420Natural gas or fuels storage
4430Chemical, nuclear, other materials storage
4500Health care, medical, treatment activities
4600Internment, cremation, grave digging activities
4700Military base activities
4710Ordnance storage
4720Range and test activities
4800Incarceration activities
4900Charitable, scientific, or benevolent activities
5000Travel or movement activities
5100Pedestrian movement
5200Vehicular movement
5210Vehicular parking, storage, etc.
5220Drive-in, drive through, stop-n-go, etc.
5400Trains and other railroad movement
5410Rail maintenance, storage or related activities
5500Port, marine, boating and water-based activities
5510Boat docking, mooring, or servicing
5520Port, ship-building, and related activities
5600Aircraft takeoff, landing, taxiing and parking
5700Spacecraft launching and related activities
6000Mass assembly of people
6100Passenger assembly
6200Spectator sports assembly
6300Movies, concerts, entertainment shows
6400Fairs, exhibitions, gatherings
6500Mass training, drills, etc.
6600Religious, social, cultural assembly
6700Museums, zoological parks, galleries, aquariums, etc.
6800Historical or cultural celebrations, reenactments, etc.
7000Leisure activities
7100Active leisure sports and related activities
7110Running, jogging, bicycling, aerobics, exercising, etc.
7120Equestrian sporting activities
7130Hockey, ice skating, etc.
7140Skiing, snowboarding, etc.
7150Automobile and motorbike racing
7190Track and field, team sports, or other sports
7200Passive leisure activity
7240Promenading and other park activity
7300Flying or air-related sports
7400Water sports and related activities
7410Boating and sailing
7420Canoeing and Kayaking
7430Swimming and diving
7440Fishing and angling
7450Scuba diving and snorkeling
8000Natural resources-related activities
8100Farming, plowing, tilling, harvesting, or related activities
8200Livestock related activities
8300Pasturing, grazing, etc.
8500Quarrying or stone cutting
8600Mining (surface and subsurface)
8700Drilling, dredging, etc.
9000No human activity
9200Unclassifiable activity
9300Subsurface activity