LBCS Function Code Lookup

1101Single family residence
1105Townhouse Unit
1120Multiple Dwelling Parcel
1150Apartment unit single family
1155Residential common area and support facilities
1160Manufactured home site
1161Manufactured home site in park or community
1165Manufactured home park
1170Garden apartment complex (1-3 stories)
1171Federally subsidized apartment complex
1172Low Rise (Walk-up) apartment
1175Mid-rise apartment (4-7 stories)
1176High-rise apartment (8+ stories)
1179Single room occupancy housing (converted motel/hotel)
1180Dwelling converted to apartments
1190Temporary residential use (tent, travel trailer, shelter)
1199Accessory residential support use (garage/shed)
1210Retirement housing
1220Congregate living facility
1230Assisted-living facility
1240Life care / continuing care services
1250Skilled-nursing services
1310Bed and breakfast inn
1320Rooming and boarding house
1330Hotel / motel
1331Hotel / motel with restaurant
1332Hotel high-rise (5+ stories)
1340Casino hotel
1342Resort / Dude Ranch
1344Health Spa
2000General sales or services (nec)
2101Downtown row store
2102Retail store
2103Retail unit (within a structure)
2104Convenience retail center
2105Strip store center
2106Neighborhood shopping center
2107Community shopping center
2108Regional shopping center
2109Super regional shopping center
2111Automobile / light truck / RV dealership
2112Mobile home / manufactured housing dealership
2113Motorcycle / ATV dealer
2114Boat / marine craft dealer
2116Auto service station (full service with garage bays)
2117Self-service gas station (may have conv store/food mart)
2118Car lot / used car dealership
2121Furniture / home furnishings center
2122Hardware / home improvement center
2123Lawn and garden supplies / Feed store
2124Department store / warehouse club / superstore
2125Big box store (electronics and appliances)
2126Lumberyard / building materials store
2128Discount store
2130Durable consumer goods sales and service
2151Grocery store / supermarket
2152Convenience store
2153Specialty food / health food store
2154Fruit and vegetable market
2161Pharmacy / drug store
2170Automotive specialized services
2171Automatic car wash
2172Self-service car wash
2174Automobile service center
2175Service garage / paint shop / detailing
2176Quick lube job
2180Specialized retail center
2181Fashion / specialty shopping center
2182Power center
2183Theme or festival shopping center
2184Outlet or discount shopping center
2210Bank / savings institution
2211Branch bank (drive up facility)
2212Bank ATM kiosk or remote facility
2321Mini-storage warehouse / self-storage
2331Car rental agency
2332Tractor / heavy trucks / trailer, dealership/leasing
2333Recreational goods rental
2334Leasing commercial / industrial machinery and equipment
2335Consumer goods rental
2401General office buildings (1-4 stories)
2402General office buildings (5+ stories)
2403Strip office center
2404Office unit (condo)
2405Office/Retail common area and facilities
2418Veterinary office
2510Full-service restaurant
2520Cafeteria / limited service restaurant
2521Drive-in restaurant
2522Fast food restaurant
2530Snack / nonalcoholic bar
2540Bar / tavern / lounge
2541Night club / dinner theater
2560Caterer Commissary
2650Parking Lot (uncovered)
2660Parking garage (covered)
2721Animal shelter / pound
2722Kennel / boarding services
2800Retail / office / apartment combination
3000Manufacturing and wholesale trade
3110Food and beverages mfg
3111Meat products mfg
3112Dairy products mfg
3113Grain milling products mfg
3114Bakery products mfg
3115Beverage products mfg
3120Tobacco products mfg
3130Textiles (mill products)
3131Clothing mfg
3140Leather and allied products mfg
3210Wood products mfg
3216Millwork / veneer / plywood mfg.
3221Paper manufacturing
3222Paperboard / cardboard / box mfg
3230Furniture and related products mfg
3311Petroleum refining
3312Paving and roofing materials mfg
3321Rubber products mfg
3322Paint / varnish / lacquer mfg.
3323Drug/pharmaceutical mfg.
3324Plastic mfg.
3325Industrial chemical mfg.
3331Flat glass mfg.
3332Glass / glassware products mfg
3333Cement mfg.
3334Gypsum / plaster / concrete products mfg
3335Cut stone and stone products mfg
3340Primary metal mfg
3341Steel and iron foundries
3342Steel fabrication
3350Machinery mfg
3351Automobile / truck manufacturing
3352Aircraft manufacturing
3353Instrument / high-technology manufacturing
3360Electrical equipment / appliance / components mfg.
3370Heavy transportation equipment mfg (railrd/pipeline)
3400Miscellaneous manufacturing
3519Salvage Yard / recycle center
3610Warehouse distribution / storage facility
3620Warehouse-office strip / complex
3630Warehouse-retail combination
3640Warehouse-office combination
3660Cold storage warehouse
3670Transit warehouse / truck terminal
4000Transportation / communication / information / utilities
4110Air transportation
4111Air passenger transportation
4112Air freight transportation
4113Airport and support facilities
4114Aircraft and accessories
4115Other air transportation (sailplane, blimp, balloon, etc.)
4120Rail transportation
4130Road / ground passenger / transit transportation
4133Local transit systems - bus/special needs/other
4134Interurban / charter bus and similar operations
4135School and employee bus transportation
4136Special purpose transit transportation (sightseeing etc.)
4137Taxi / limousine service
4138Towing / other road and ground services
4139Private street / road
4140Truck and freight transportation services
4152Marine freight transportation / Barge
4170Postal services
4180Pipeline transportation
4213Periodical publishing / printing
4214Newspaper publishing / printing
4215Commercial printing
4220Motion pictures / sound recording studio
4231Radio / television broadcasting
4232Cable network and distribution
4233Wireless telecommunications
4234Telephone communication
4235Telegraph communication
4236Radio station
4237TV studio / station
4238Transmitter / antenna facility
4240Information services and data processing
4242Libraries & Archives
4310Electric power generation
4312Power generation facility
4313Power generation facility - Nuclear
4314Power generation facility - Alternative energy
4321Natural gas utility
4331Drinking water purification / distribution
4332Irrigation and industrial water supply
4333Air conditioning and steam generation
4341Hazardous waste collection
4342Hazardous waste treatment and disposal
4343Solid waste collection
4344Solid waste combustor / incinerator
4345Solid waste disposal / landfill
4346Waste treatment and disposal
4347Septic tank and related services
5000Arts / entertainment / recreation facility
5111Motion picture theater
5112Cinema complex (2 or more screens)
5113Drive-in theater
5114Legitimate theater
5116Auditorium / concert hall / performing arts center
5210Museum / science & technology center
5211Art gallery
5212Living history museum
5220Historical or archeological institution
5230Zoo / botanical garden / aquarium
5232Zoo / animal park
5234Botanical garden / arboretum
5236Aquarium / marine science center
5310Amusement or theme park
5320Game arcade
5330Casino / gambling establishment
5340Miniature golf course
5341Family sports / recreation center
5350Skiing slope / alpine sports
5360Marina / yacht club
5372Fitness center / racquetball club
5373Tennis club
5374Golf course
5375Country club golf course
5376Driving range
5378Swimming pool
5379Sports complex / arena / playing field
5381Bowling alley
5382Pool hall
5390Skating rink / ice rink
5410Travel trailer park
5420Camp ground / camping park
5430Fishing / hunting camp
5510General recreation park
5520Ornamental park
6000Education / public admin / health care / other institutional
6110Nursery / kindergarten / preschool
6122Middle (junior high school)
6123Senior (high school)
6125Alternate education services
6126Adult education services
6131Junior college
6133Specialized college / school
6140Technical / trade / vocational school
6144Driving education
6145Dance / fine / performing arts education
6146Flight training school
6147Sports and recreation education
6210Government offices (legislative and executive functions)
6221Courts judicial offices
6222Correctional institutions / jail / prison
6300Other government facilities
6310Military / national security base or reservation
6320Space research / technology center
6400Public safety facility
6410Fire and rescue
6420Police station / law enforcement center
6430Emergency response center
6510Ambulatory or outpatient care services
6511Medical / dental office or clinic
6513Medical / diagnostic lab
6514Blood / organ bank
6531Surgical clinic
6560Social assistance service / welfare / charitable service
6561Child and youth services
6562Child day care / learning center
6563Community food bank
6564Emergency / relief services
6570Charitable Institution
6610Church / place of worship
6620Parochial school
6630Religious living quarters
6640Religious administrative headquarters
6710Funeral home / mortuary
6720Cemetery / cremation services
6800Professional associations / nonprofit organizations
6810Union hall / labor / political organization
6820Business association / professional membership organization
6831Civic club
6832Fraternal institution
6833Social club
7000Construction-related businesses
7100Building / development / general contracting
7300Special trade contractor
7400Heavy construction contractor
8000Mining / extraction operations
8110Natural gas / helium extraction
8120Crude oil extraction
8190Severed subsurface mineral interest
8191Non-severed mineral right
8200Metal mining (iron, copper, etc.)
8300Coal mining
8400Nonmetallic mining (salt, gypsum etc.)
8500Quarrying and stone cutting establishment
8510Sand pits
8590Lake / pond
9000Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting
9010Farming / ranch land (no improvements)
9020Farming / ranch land (with Ag improvements)
9050Farming / ranch operation (with improvements)
9130Fruits / trees
9141Food crops grown under cover
9142Nursery / tree production
9143Floriculture production
9201Support structures for farming / ranching operations
9220Spraying / crop dusting / other related services
9230Crop harvesting & post crop activities (drying, storage, etc
9231Grain storage elevator
9235Farm Implement dealer
9240Cotton ginning / grist milling
9312Cattle feedlot
9314Cattle confinement facility
9320Dairy cattle / milk production
9330Hog / pig farm / confinement facility
9340Poultry / egg production / hatchery
9360Fish hatchery / fishery /aquaculture
9371Apiculture (bees, wax, and related operations)
9373Fur-bearing animal production
9420Forest nursery
9430Support functions for forestry
9520Game retreat / wildlife reserve / fishing preserve
9900Unused / Undeveloped
9901Tribal lands / Indian reservation
9910Residential highest and best use
9911Multifamily highest and best use
9920Industrial highest and best use
9940Transportation / utility highest and best use
9950Commercial highest and best use
9951Retail highest and best use
9952Office highest and best use
9965Institutional highest and best use
9970Recreational / cultural / entertainment highest and best use
9980Resource extraction / mining highest and best use