LBCS Site Code Lookup

1000Site in natural state
2000Developing site
2100Site that is graded with no structures or active use
2200Site with temporary structures
3000Developed site - crops, grazing, forestry, etc.
3100Dev Site - crops, grazing etc - no structures
3200Dev Site - crops, grazing etc - with structures
4000Developed site - no buildings and no improvements
4100Outdoor storage areas, graded or ungraded
5000Developed site - nonbuilding structures
5100Developed site with landscaped or ornamental features
5200Developed site with billboards, signs, etc.
5300Dev site with rds, train tracks, and other linear structures
5400Developed site with tanks, reservoirs, etc.
5500Developed site, mining and extraction
6000Developed site - with buildings
7000Developed site - with parks
7100Local parks and recreational sites
7110Neighborhood or local park
7120Community park
7130Regional park
7200State, national, or other parks and recreational sites
7210Recreational parks
7211National or state park
7212National recreation area
7220Historic sites or parks
7221National historic park
7222National historic site
7223National monument
7224National memorial
7225National battlefield
7226National cemetery
7230National environment parks
7231Nature reserve
7232National preserve
7233Wilderness parks
7240Waterway parks
7241National seashore
7242National lakeshore
7243National river
7250Other special purpose parks
7251National parkway
7252National trail
7253Special designations for park-like areas
7300Tribal Lands
8000Not applicable to this dimension
9000Unclassifiable site development character