LBCS Structure Code Lookup

1000Residential buildings
1100Single-family building
1110Detached SFR unit
1120Attached unit
1121Single unit in duplex (half-duplex)
1122Zero lot line, row house, etc.
1123Single unit in triplex
1124Single unit in quadraplex
1130Accessory unit
1150Manufactured housing/mobile home
1151Manufactured home - single wide
1152Manufactured home - double wide
1153Manufactured home - triple wide
1160Condominium / apartment unit
1161Condominium common element
1190Fraternity / sorority house
1191Boarding / rooming house
1193Group care home
1195Guest cottage
1196Cabin, transient labor
1200Multifamily structures
12022 units (duplex)
12033 units (triplex)
12044 units (quadraplex)
12055 units
12066 units
12077 units
12088 units
12099 units
121010 units
121111 units
121212 units
121313 units
121414 units
121515 units
121616 units
121717 units
121818 units
121919 units
122020 units
122121 units
122222 units
122323 units
122424 units
122525 units
122626 units
122727 units
122828 units
122929 units
123030 units
123131 units
123232 units
123333 units
123434 units
123535 units
123636 units
123737 units
123838 units
123939 units
124040 units
124141 units
124242 units
124343 units
124444 units
124545 units
124646 units
124747 units
124848 units
124949 units
125050 units
125151 units
125252 units
125353 units
125454 units
125555 units
125656 units
125757 units
125858 units
125959 units
126060 units
126161 units
126262 units
126363 units
126464 units
126565 units
126666 units
126767 units
126868 units
126969 units
127070 units
127171 units
127272 units
127373 units
127474 units
127575 units
127676 units
127777 units
127878 units
127979 units
128080 units
128181 units
128282 units
128383 units
128484 units
128585 units
128686 units
128787 units
128888 units
128989 units
129090 units
129191 units
129292 units
129393 units
129494 units
129595 units
129696 units
129797 units
129898 units
129999 units
1300Other multi-family and specialized residential structures
1301Garden apartment (3 story & under)
1302High rise apartment building
1303Luxury high rise apartment building
1305Dwelling converted to apartments
1306Nursing home/ adult care facility
1307Senior housing
1308Assisted living (multiple residence - low rise)
1309Retirement community complex
1321Labor dormitory
1330Hotels, motels, and tourist courts
1331Hotel (limited service)
1332Hotel (full service)
1334Extended stay motel
1335Health spa
1336Guest cottage / tourist court
1337Lodge / resort
1338City club
1339Hotel (Select Service)
1342Bed and breakfast inn
1350Temporary structure, tent, etc., for shelter
1360Other structurally converted buildings
1361Residential structure on commercial site
1362Mixed commercial with residential - built as residence
2000Commercial buildings and other specialized structures
2100Office or bank buildings
2101Office building (low rise 1-4 stories)
2102Office building (high rise 5+ stories)
2104Medical office building
2105Government Office Building
2106Office condominium
2110Office building with drive-through facility
2121Bank, central
2122Bank, branch
2123Bank, mini (drive-through/walk-up)
2125Savings institution
2200Store or shop building
2202Downtown row store
2203Retail condominium
2204Dairy sales
2205Drug store
2207Dry cleaners / laundry
2208Barber / beauty shop
2209Florist Shop
2210Shop or store building with drive-up window
2221Fast food restaurant
2222Bar / tavern
2223Cocktail lounge
2224Dinner theater / night club
2225Snack bar / food kiosk / concession / stand
2226Truck stop (with restaurant)
2230Standalone store or shop building
2232Convenience store/mini-market
2233Mini-mart (gas station convenience shop)
2234Roadside market
2240Department store
2242Mall department
2243Big box store
2250Warehouse discount store building
2251Discount store
2252Warehouse showroom store
2253Warehouse food store
2260Market shops including open markets
2270Gasoline station
2271Service station (full service)
2272Service station (self-service)
2273Car wash (manual)
2274Car wash (automatic)
2280Automobile repair and service structures
2281Auto repair garage
2282Service garage shed
2283Automobile service center
2284Mini-lube garage
2290Automobile showroom/dealership (full service)
2300Office or store building with residence on top
2310Mixed residential/commercial - built as commercial
2400Office building over storefronts
2500Malls, shopping centers, or collection of shops
2505Multi occupancy retail store
2510Nbhd shopping center(convenience w1 or more anchors)
2520Community shopping cntr(gen merch. w2 or more anch)
2530Regional shopping cntr(enclosed mall w2 or more anch)
2540Super regional shopping center (3 or more anchors)
2550Fashion/specialty shopping cntr(high end, fashion-oriented)
2560Power cntr (category-dominated anchors wfew small tenant)
2570Theme/festival shopping center (leisure, tourist-oriented)
2580Outlet or discount shopping center (manufacturer outlet)
2590Other kinds of shopping centers
2591Strip shopping center
2592Home improvement center
2593Car care center
2600Industrial buildings and structures
2610Light industrial structures and facilities
2611Loft building
2612Mill-type factory/manufacturing structures
2613Modern manufacturing plant
2614Industrial park
2615Laboratory or specialized industrial facility
2616TV broadcast facility/motion picture studio
2617Engineering (research and development) building
2618Computer data center
2619Industrial flex (mall)
2620Heavy industrial structures and facilities
2621Assembly and construction-type plant
2622Process plant (metals, chemicals, etc.)
2624Dairy processing (creamery)
2630Oil refinery facility
2631Refinery w/ anchored equipmt < 100,000 barrels/day
2632Refinery w/ unanchored equipmt < 100,000 barrels/day
2633Refinery w/ anchored equipmt > 100,000 barrels/day
2634Refinery w/ unanchored equipmt > 100,000 barrels/day
2635Refinery pumping plant with anchored equipment
2636Refinery pumping plant with unanchored equipment
2640Specialized industrial/warehouse
2641Post office (main)
2642Mail processing facility
2643Branch post office
2647Telephone equipment building
2700Warehouse or storage facility
2720High-rise mini-warehouse
2730Warehouse structure
2731Warehouse, prefab
2732Quonset, light commercial
2733Garage storage
2734Boat storage building
2737Lumber storage shed (horizontal)
2738Lumber storage shed (vertical)
2740Produce warehouse
2750Refrigerated warehouse or cold storage
2760Large area distribution or transit warehouse
2761Transit warehouse
2762Distribution warehouse
2763Shipping dock
2765Truck terminal
2766MEGA distribution
2770Wharf and dock shed
2780Tank farms
2781Tank farms with anchored tanks
2782Tank farms with unanchored tanks
3000Public assembly structures
3110Performance theater
3117Horse arena
3120Movie theater
3121Cinema multiplex
3140Drive-in theaters
3200Indoor games facility
3210Bowling alley
3211Skating rink
3212Swimming indoor pool (natatorium)
3213Tennis club - indoors
3214Handball/racquet ball club - indoors
3220Club house
3225Senior center
3230Country club
3231Country club (with golf course)
3240Health club
3241Fitness center
3300Sports stadium or arena
3320Shower building
3330Restroom building
3400Exhibition, convention, or conference structure
3410Convention center
3420Visitor center
3500Churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, etc.
3510Church with Sunday school
3520Fellowship hall
3530Church educational wing
3600Capitol / Courthouse building
3610State Capitol
3620County Courthouse
3630City Hall
3700Covered or partially covered atriums and public enclosures
3800Other community structures
3810Social / fraternal hall
3811Community center
3820Government community service building
3850Day care center
3900Passenger assembly
3910Mixed mode terminal
3920Airport terminal
3930Bus terminal
3940Train station
3950Harbor or port terminal
4000Institutional or community facilities
4100Medical facility
4111Outpatient surgical center
4112Convalescent / rehabilitation hospital
4120Medical clinic
4122Veterinary clinic
4124Dental clinic
4200School or university buildings
4210Primary / secondary school
4211Elementary school
4212Junior high/middle school
4213High school
4214Classroom building
4215Science building
4216Relocatable classroom
4217Fine arts and crafts building
4218Physical education building
4220College or university facility
4221Classroom building
4222Lecture hall building
4223Administration building
4224Science building
4225Multipurpose building
4226Arts and crafts building
4227Physical education building
4230Trade or specialty school facility
4231Technical trades building
4232Alternative school
4300Library building
4301Public library
4302Secondary school library
4303College library
4400Museum / exhibition hall / science center / zoo
4410Art gallery / exhibition hall
4440Outdoor facility/pavilion/bandstand/gazebo
4450Zoological parks
4460Museum / science center
4500Public safety-related facility
4510Fire and rescue station
4511Fire station (staffed)
4512Fire station (volunteer)
4520Police station
4530Emergency operation center
4600Jails, penitentiary / detention center / correctional facili
4601Correctional facility / jail
4602Jail / police station
4700Cemetery/ mausoleum
4800Funeral home / mortuary / cremation facilities
5000Transportation-related facilities
5100Linear or network feature
5110Pedestrian trail, sidewalks, etc.
5120Bicycle and other non-motorized paths
5130Highways and roads
5131Principal arterial-interstate
5132Principal arterial-freeway and expressway
5133Other principal arterial
5134Minor arterial
5135Major collector
5136Minor collector
5137Local road
5139Other non-classified road
5140Highway bridges and tunnels
5150Railroads, including monorails, etc
5200Automobile parking facilities
5210Surface parking, open lot
5220Surface parking, covered lot
5230Parking structure (multistory garage with ramps)
5231Telephone parking garage
5240Underground parking structure with ramps
5250Rooftop parking facility
5300Bus stop shelter
5400Bus or truck maintenance facility
5500Water transportation or marine related
5540Riverboat and other anchored facilities
5600Air transportation facility
5620Airport maintenance and hangar facility
5621Maintenance hangar
5622Storage hangar
5623T- hangar
5630Airport control tower
5640Heliport facility
5650Glide port, seaport, STOLport, ultra-light or balloon-port f
5700Railroad facility
5710Railroad switching facility
5720Railroad sheds and other support structures
6000Utility and other non-building structures
6100Utility structures on right-of-way
6110Electric lines, phone and cable lines, etc.
6111Distribution circuits with seismically designed components
6112Distribution circuits with standard components
6120Gas and fuel lines
6130Water supply lines
6131Brittle pipelines
6132Ductile pipelines
6140Steam and air conditioning lines
6150Irrigation channels
6160Sewer and waste water lines
6161Brittle pipelines
6162Ductile pipelines
6200Water-supply related facility
6210Water supply pump station
6211Pumping plant with anchored equipment < 10 MGD
6212Pumping plant with unanchored equipment < 10 MGD
6213Pumping plant with anchored equipment > 10 MGD
6214Pumping plant with unanchored equipment > 10 MGD
6221Earth dam, arch
6222Earth dam, multi-arch
6223Buttress dam
6224Gravity dam, rock fill
6225Gravity dam, concrete
6226Gravity dam, masonry
6227Gravity dam, stone
6228Gravity dam, timber crib
6250Water tank (elevated, at grade, underground)
6251On-ground anchored concrete tank
6252On-ground unanchored concrete tank
6253On-ground anchored steel tank
6254On-ground unanchored steel tank
6255Above ground steel tank
6256On-ground wood tank
6257Buried concrete tank
6270Water treatment and purification (WTP) facility
6271WTP with anchored components < 50 MGD
6272WTP with unanchored components < 50 MGD
6273WTP with anchored components 50-200 MGD
6274WTP with unanchored components 50-200 MGD
6275WTP with anchored components > 200 MGD
6276WTP with unanchored components > 200 MGD
6280Water reservoir
6290Other irrigation facilities
6300Sewer and waste-related facility
6310Storage or pumping station facility
6311Lift stations with anchored components < 10 MGD
6312Lift stations with unanchored components < 10 MGD
6313Lift stations with anchored components > 10 MGD
6314Lift stations with unanchored components > 10 MGD
6320Landfill facility
6330Incinerator, composting, or similar facility
6340Hazardous waste storage facility
6341High-level waste facility
6342Transuranic waste facility
6343Spent fuel facility
6344Low-level waste facility
6350Sewer treatment plant
6351Wastewater Treatmt Plant -WWTP w anchored components<50 MGD
6352WWTP with unanchored components < 50 MGD
6353WWTP with anchored components 50-200 MGD
6354WWTP with unanchored components 50-200 MGD
6355WWTP with anchored components > 200 MGD
6356WWTP with unanchored components > 200 MGD
6400Gas or electric power generation facility
6410Gas storage and distribution facility
6420Gas compressor stations
6421Gas compressor stations with anchored components
6422Gas compressor stations with unanchored components
6430Power generation plants
6431Power plants with anchored components < 100 MW
6432Power plants with unanchored components < 100 MW
6433Power plants with anchored components > 100 MW
6434Power plants with unanchored components > 100 MW
6440Electric substation and distribution facility
6441Low-voltage (115 KV) substation with anchored components
6442Low-voltage (115 KV) substation with unanchored components
6443Medium-voltage (230 KV) substation with anchored components
6444Medium-voltage (230 KV) substation with unanchored component
6445High-voltage (500 KV) substation with anchored components
6446High-voltage (500 KV) substation with unanchored components
6450Geothermal facility
6460Solar and other forms of energy facility
6500Communication towers/buildings
6510Radio, TV, or wireless transmitter building
6511Radio / TV / microwave / cell tower
6520Weather stations or transmitters
6600Environmental monitoring station (air, soil, etc.)
6700Sign or billboard
6900Other miscellaneous structures
6920Roadside stand, pushcarts, etc.
6930Highway rest stops and welcome centers
6940Playground equipment
6950Fountain, sculpture, etc.
6970Outdoor stage, bandstand, or similar structure
7000Specialized military structures
7100Joint services facility
7200Air Force facility
7300Army and marine corps facility
7400Naval facility
7500Armory building
8000Sheds, farm buildings, or agricultural facilities
8100Grain silos/other storage structures for grains, ag products
8200Livestock facility
8210Dairy facility
8220Poultry facility
8230Cattle facility
8240Stables and other equine-related facilities
8300Animal feed operations facility
8310Confined feedlot facility
8400Animal waste-handling facility
8410In ground silos
8420Waste lagoons
8430Concrete storage units, covered
8440Concrete storage units, uncovered
8450Composting facility
8700Kennels and other canine-related facilities
8800Apiary and other related structures
8900Other farm and farming-related structures
9000No structure
9100Not applicable to this dimension
9200Unclassifiable structure
9300Subsurface structures