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Address Web Service


The Address Web Service allows developers to search, validate and geocode against the Johnson County master address database. A security key is required for some of the methods if you are doing more than 1,000 requests per day. To obtain a security key, please contact [email protected]. Once an address is found, you can lookup the tax property ID and its tax unit. There are also methods to give you all the valid cities, zip codes, street types, street directions, unit designators, and street names used in the county.

As a web service, an application developer can utilize the master address database even when they are not on the county network. Web services are built on SOAP, so any language that can understand SOAP can be used to access the Address Web Service. AIMS has tested languages like .NET languages, Java, VB6 and VBA. With the right toolkit, all these languages and more can use the web service.


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Address Structure
The Address structure returned from some methods mentioned above has the following form:

Attribute Type Description
APID String Unique Address Point ID
StreetNumber String Address number
Predirection String  
StreetName String  
StreetType String  
SecUnitDesignator String Secondary Unit Designator
SecUnit String Secondary Unit
City String  
State String  
Zipcode String  
X String X coordinate for mapping
Y String Y coordinate for mapping
AddressLine String Concatenation of StreetNumber + Predirection + StreetName + StreetType + SecUnitDesignator + SecUnit
CityLine String Concatenation of City + State + Zipcode
Lon String Longitude of the address point
Lat String Latitude of the address point
Taxpropid String Tax property id of the valid address
Geopropid String Geographic property id of the valid address
Sourcetable String Source datasaet used to validate the address input
Score String Match confidence of the input address against the validation process
Validity String Indicates the nature of the match type to locate a valid address

If nothing is found or there was an error then an empty array of addresses will be returned.


The examples provided below are both working and non working. They have been provided as examples of ways to connect to the web service through different languages/programs.

Excel Spreedsheet Example

You can use the Address Web Service in many different environments. In this example, we'll show that even an Microsoft Office document can take advantage of the web service.
Figure 1. Excel Sample
Figure 1. Excel Sample

Figure 1 shows a simple Microsoft Excel that you can enter an address and validate it. If the user were to type an address in cell B1 and press the "Validate Address" button, VBA code can send the address to the web service and get a list of matching addresses to the one entered as seen below.
Figure 2. Excel Sample
Figure 2. Excel Sample

.NET and Java can produce the same results. As long as you have a programming language that can communicate to a web service, you could use the Address Web Service to validate addresses in Johnson County.

AutoComplete Example using jQuery or Ajax Control Toolkit

Working Example:    

Follow this link for more information and source code.


Excel spreedsheet example


Microsoft Office XP Web Service Toolkit 2.0
Microsoft Office 2003 Web Service Toolkit 2.01
Java Web Services Developer Pack

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