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myAIMS Subscription Services

myAIMS Subscription Services

myAIMS is a complete Internet Web Portal that provides access to applications geared toward viewing, querying and downloading spatially referenced information. Subscriptions are available for an annual fee, assessed on a per user basis. All of the below applications can be purchased separately, based on your individual needs. However, for those users requiring access to all four applications, a conveniently bundled option is also available. If you are currently a subscriber, enter your username and password on the myAIMS page to access your available applications.

Available Applications

Plat Search Utility - Provides access to data about recorded plats (i.e. PlatID, name, book/page, year platted, #units) including the ability to view and download an unlimited quantity of scanned plat images.

JCLR (Johnson County Land Records) - Grants users access to county land record information. Users can search by owner name, address, and property ID. The application returns a multitude of information including legal description, land use, ownership and other property specific data. JCLR subscribers are also given access to view scanned images of recorded documents (e.g. mortgages, deeds) through this application as well as within the online mapping system.

CreateMapPDF - Allows an end user to request a high-quality, customized map, and have it returned in PDF format that can then be viewed digitally or printed. Additionally, CreateMapPDF has the ability to create a GeoPDF. A GeoPDF allows the user to control the visibility of “layers” on the map and to display and query attributes of geographic features without the need for GIS software.

CUEView (Collaborative Utility Exchange Viewer) - Provides access to utility information in Johnson County including service areas, easements, capital improvement plans, and a collection of infrastructure line work provided by participating utilities within Johnson County. CUEView allows viewing, data download, and map generation.


Who can subscribe to myAIMS Services?
Anyone can subscribe to the myAIMS services; they are not limited to government agencies or internal users. Some of the applications, such as JCLR and CUEView have accessibility restrictions and these applications will be reviewed prior to activation of an account.

How do I get a subscription?
If you are ready to subscribe, download and complete the Subscriber Agreement and return it to the AIMS office. Once received, your application will be reviewed prior to being granted access. Once approved, you will be contacted to make payment arrangements and your account will be activated.

Will I need any special computer programs?
No additional software is needed to use the myAIMS applications. These applications are part of a complete Internet web portal that is accessible from any Microsoft Windows computer connected to the internet.

I typically pay $5 for printed plat maps. If I subscribe to Plat Search Utility, will I still be charged this per map fee?
No additional fees will be charged for plat maps with a Plat Search Utility subscription. You will have unlimited access to view and print plats as needed.

Why is access to CUEView restricted?
CUEView contains information about the entire utility infrastructure within the County. For security purposes and the safety of Johnson County citizens, this information is released only to utility companies, other government entities and those who display a legitimate business need.