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Plat Updates

Recently recorded plats added during the week of 09/17/2018 Download Plats

Plat IDPlat NameNum UnitsDate RecordedSectionQtr SectionBookPageCityMapImage
EP151002 BOULDER SPRINGS II5109/14/2018V01SW2018094157Spring Hill
EP160005 DAYTON CREEK FIFTH PLAT1909/14/2018P35SW2018094173Spring Hill
EP160004 DAYTON CREEK FOURTH PLAT5109/14/2018P35SW2018094172Spring Hill
QP255308 GREENS OF CHAPEL CREEK EIGHTH PLAT3509/14/2018D16NW2018093994Shawnee
QP297010 HILLCREST FARM 10TH PLAT1809/14/2018D02NW2018094031Shawnee
DP761500 VALLEY RIDGE LOT 12 REPLAT109/14/2018J17NE2018094088Olathe
DP761600 VALLEY RIDGE LOT 19 REPLAT109/14/2018J17NE2018094089Olathe
IP692002 SONOMA PLAZA SECOND PLAT509/13/2018E32NW2018093415Lenexa
NP848908 TERRYBROOK FARMS EIGHTH PLAT4609/13/2018R23SW2018093749Overland Park