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Address Search Utilities

Address Search Utilities
AIMS offers 3 unique tools to query the Johnson County address database to locate and validate Johnson County Addresses.  The Desktop and Online Utilities allow users to search and validate a single address while the Batch Utility allows for the validation of multiple addresses at one time. All these applications are examples of how the Address Web Service can be utilized and integrated into other applications and programs.

Desktop Utility

This application can be downloaded and installed directly on the desktop. A small icon will appear in the tray in the lower right of the desktop and can be accessed at anytime while other applications are running. As a user types an address, a drop downlist will be populated with possible matches. Once an address is found and selected, additional information is provided and the address is copied to the clipboard for use in other applications like forms and spreadsheets or databases.

Install the Desktop Service
Desktop Validator
Online Utility

This application is a simple online tool that allows users to validate a single address. Like the desktop version, this tool will populate a drop down list of 250 probable matches as the user types. Once an address is selected, additional property information will be provided and the address will be automatically copied to the clipboard for use in other applications.

This tool was built to be integrated into existing web pages to automate the completion of web forms with address data using a simple query string.

Use the Online Service
Online Service
Batch Utility

A formatted Excel template (compatible with Office 2003 and above) is available for download, allowing users to validate multiple addresses (up to 1000) at once. Users needing to validate more than 1000 addresses at one time will need to contact AIMS prior to use to obtain a security key. Enter an address or copy and paste multiple addresses into the appropriate columns in the spreadsheet, note the correct parameters (in the INI Tab), hit the validate button and get possible matches returned in the spreadsheet. This tool also returns the x,y and property id for each address matched.

Download the Excel Template
Batch Service